“We are imperfect but our journey through life gives us chances to make simple choices, that can make an everlasting impact.”


My mission is to inspire an intentional life through fashion, beauty, wellness, organization, and home with an emphasis on:



Financial Freedom

Natural Wellness + Healthy Living 

Authenticity + Imperfection + Grace

Eco-friendly + Sustainable Living

Giving + Serving Others

Fair Trade + Ethical


A Little Bit About Me

Hello, my name is Janie!  I am the face behind Janie Edwards & Company.  I live in Colorado with my husband, daughter, and Boxer pup.  We work and school from home and on the go... Marcus is a photographer and I am a stylist & artist.  We can't live without Jesus, tacos, beer, family, and the outdoors. 

I'm a recovering perfectionist, control freak and find balance to be an ongoing struggle.  However, it's my mission is to inspire an intentional and creative life.  I partner with several charities to make a positive impact in the community and world. (read more here).

That's me in a nutshell!