We are the Edwards!


We are Marcus, Janie, Rheya Lee (and puppy Kaia!).  We are fortunate to live in the great state of Colorado, surrounded by amazing family and friends.

You might say we live somewhat of an unconventional life, but then again, what is "normal" anyway?  With a photographer, a stylist, and a dynamic nine year old living under one roof, much of our life is documented through photographs, words, and occasional videos as we work and school from home.


Our mission is to inspire an intentional life through fashion, beauty, wellness, creativity, and home.  Here are the things we focus on...

  • Minimalism
  • Financial Freedom
  • Eco-friendly + Environmentally Conscience 
  • Fair Trade + Ethical
  • Authenticity + Imperfection + Grace
  • Giving + Serving Others
We are imperfect but our journey through life gives us chances to make simple choices, that can make an impact.
— Janie & Marcus Edwards

We would love to connect with you and create an awesome community here at Imperfect Simplicity.  Please leave a comment by clicking on "We Are The Edwards!"  Tell us about YOU!  Perhaps where you live, a little about your family, a few of your favorite things, and some of your goals.

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