capsule wardrobe | basic elements

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I've always been a fan of layering.  However, having "basics" to layer with hasn't always been my thing.  I love the way it looks but I never have to have these essential items because when I shop, I find myself buying trendy items instead.  That has changed since starting the capsule.  I picked up a few classic, timeless items and I think layering is going to be much easier now.  Basic elements + layering = awesomeness!

Jacket: old from Charlotte Russe, try these options

Scarf: old from Forever 21 (accessory, not part of capsule)

Button down shirt: Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply Boyfriend Shirt

Sweater: old from Buffalo Exchange in San Diego (I don't know the brand, sorry)

Jeans: old from Old Navy, they still have them!

Shoes: old Mossimo from Target, they still have them!

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