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Here it is.  My fall capsule wardrobe.  The clothing I will be living in until the end of December!  Forty-two articles of clothing, minus workout clothes, jewelry, accessories, purses, swimsuits, pajamas/loungewear, and undergarments.  I had well over this amount at the end of the summer.  In fact, I'm guessing I had between 300-500 items.  I'm not going to lie... it was a little tough stripping my closet down but I am super motivated to create simplicity + freedom.  

I first purged my closet. If I hadn't worn it in the last three months, it was gone... including the stuff I absolutely loved or was going to wear again when I "lost 10 pounds".  Next, I had a sale, because after all, I loved the majority of the clothes and getting rid of them just seemed too hard. Next, anything left got donated, minus a few items I had only worn a couple times and/or I paid a lot of money for.  This is when I got introduced to the capsule wardrobe.  Next, I went through the remaining clothes to get it down to my capsule.  I still had about 150-200 items.  At this point, there were a few things I felt okay with donating (or throwing away because they were oh so comfortable but OH so trashed!).  For the remaining items I wasn't ready to get rid of, I stored.  Two under-the-bed plastic storage bins (one for winter and one for spring/summer) and two shoe storage bins in the garage (remember, I'm a stylist so these are shoes I may potentially need for different jobs).  After this first capsule, I will reevaluate to see if I should sell/donate these items. There were some things I didn't have that I knew I wanted, so I put a style board together for myself and went shopping. The style board was incredibly helpful to stay focused while shopping so I didn't just buy things because they were cute. I had a mission.  I ended up extending my budget from what I originally planned, because for the first time in my life, I was shopping quality over quantity.

The capsule wardrobe challenge by Caroline Rector, calls for 37 items.  I made that... without outerwear.  I'm a Colorado girl and let's be honest, outerwear is a daily necessity this time of year so only having two coats didn't seem reasonable to me.  At least, not for my first stab at this.  Perhaps by the time the winter capsule comes around, I will realize I can take out some of the other clothing articles.  But for now, 42 items it is!

Follow along here and my Instagram for my #OOTDs (outfit of the day). I will post details on the clothing to include brands and where you can buy along with what I'm learning as I go.  See you soon!

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