gift wrapping with kraft paper + "junk in the trunk"

Who doesn't love kraft paper?  It can be dressed up or kept simple.  It can be drawn on, stamped on, painted, and more.  I love the look and versatility of kraft paper.  While some people dread wrapping presents, I get uberly excited.  At Christmas time, presents become part of the home decor in many homes, taking up residence under a tree.  Please tell me I'm not the only crazy one who wants the presents to match with the home decor and have a theme?!  Well, if you're not a crazy one like me, you probably won't like my post ;-)

I picked up some kraft gift wrap paper at Hobby Lobby but you can also get rolls of kraft paper at Home Depot.  As far as deciding what to use to accessorize, I wanted simple with flare.  My mission?  Use up some of my left over supplies from the year... the "junk in the trunk".  You know, the stuff you buy for a project but never use or have left over and it creates clutter in your house?  Use it up folks!  Get creative!