master bedroom renovation on a small budget


Back in September, I put out a challenge for myself on the table to see if I could renovate our master bedroom for only $150.00 out of pocket. In the beginning, I was super motivated and thought with my handy dandy thrifting and repurposing brain, I would have no problem BUT it proved to be tough!

I got a lot done with a $150.00 budget.  Scraped the popcorn ceilings, took down all the wallpaper and wainscot, ripped up all the carpet, refinished the ceilings, refinished our subfloors to make them look like barn wood floors, painted all the walls/doors/ceiling, updated our old fan, made a headboard/wall artwork, made two side tables, refinished a jewelry armoire, refinished an old toy box and hung on wall for storage, refinished and added an old door/mirror, added a hanging plant holder (plants not included), added a small rug and chair, painted/updated outlet and vent covers.  Here's the breakdown:

$15.00 | canvas drop cloth for the headboard painting from Home Depot

$50.00 | paint (I usually get all my paint free from our local Drop'N'Swap but I became obsessed with wanting white!), Behr from Home Depot

$23.00 | chair from the ARC (come back or subscribe to see the before pic)

$13.00 | mud for texturing the ceiling, used about 3/4 of bucket

$4.00 | fabric softner for taking down wallpaper 

$10.00 | sandpaper for floors and refinishing furniture

$12.00 | stripper for jewelry armoire 

$20.00 | curtains from Marshalls 

$0.00 | jewelry armoire (family heirloom)

$0.00 | toy box/wall shelf (family heirloom)

$0.00 | door/mirror (already had in storage from one of my favs, The Shop)

$0.00 | stain, polyurethane, acrylic paint and spray paint for floors, artwork and refinishing items

$0.00 | hanging plant holder (scored this for free at Uncle Benny's because it was a light fixture with broken glass.  Still, only $5-$10 if not.)

$0.00 | rug underneath chair (picked this up at Ikea awhile back for shoots/events but has been in storage)

$0.00 | jute and hardware for tables/headboard (already had from Hobby Lobby)

$0.00 | hardware and curtain rod (already had in storage from a failed project, Martha Stewart from Home Depot)

$0.00 | comforter (already had from Target)

$147.00 TOTAL

Not bad, ehh?  I did it!  BUUUTTTTT, there were a few things I splurged on after the fact.  Additional glorious bedding, pretty plants, and THE closet.  Here's the breakdown:

$90.00 | inside/outside closet (wood, pipe, flanges, eyebolts, wheels, shelving... separate post coming soon!)

$135.00 | plants (dracaena tree, glazed pottery, hanging lipstick plant, potted foliage from Fort Collins Nursery)

$170.00 | bedding (6 pillows and throw from Marshalls)

So all in all, our total spent was $542.00.  Here is the final look of the before and after from my iPhone... yes, I am an iphoneographer.  I believe that is the technical term and profession.

before-after12 copy.jpg

"A peaceful home is not created by from a lack of problems, but from a multitude of solutions."  {Binyamin Roscher}

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