green is the color of barf


On our recent trip to Arizona, we wanted to interview our cousin/sister/friend about authentic conversations and meeting people where they are.  Rheya Lee really wanted to be apart of the process so we let her have the floor.  When you give a seven year old that opportunity, you never quite know what you're in for...


Rheya Lee: Here we are, live, at Shannon's house.  So, Shannon.... green is the color of barf.

Shannon: It is, you're right.

Rheya Lee: Look, I saw that once, someone thought green was soothing from the heart so they painted their wall green, BAM, just like that, threw up on their desk.  Mom got mad but also sad.  Mom didn't punish her.  So, what's your react to that?  Sad, mad, what is it?

Shannon: I'm kind of feeling a mixture of emotions of all three together, sad, mad, angry, confused... so that's more than three things.

Rheya Lee: Four.

Shannon: That's four.  That's what I'm feeling.