Shop Imperfect Simplicity in Fort Collins, Colorado

Ethical & Sustainable "Store" Opening in Front Range Antiques, Fort Collins, Colorado

What is Imperfect Simplicity? Our mission is to inspire an intentional life through fashion, beauty, wellness, organization, and home with an emphasis on:


Financial Freedom

Natural Wellness + Healthy Living

Authenticity + Imperfection + Grace

Eco-friendly + Sustainable Living

Giving + Serving Others

Fair Trade + Ethical 

Every day, we vote with our dollars. Many times, we don't think about what the real cost is.

At Imperfect Simplicity, we do two things:

1 - We partner, shop, and retail ethical and sustainable goods. We are saying no to fast fashion, unfair wages, unsafe working conditions, and detrimental effects on our environment.

2 - We give. When you shop through Imperfect Simplicity, you know a portion of your money will go to help others. (see more here)

“We are imperfect but our journey through life gives us chances to make simple choices, that can make an everlasting impact.”

We retail a one-of-a-kind curated line of home decor, provide resources and education, and pass on inspiration/DIY/How-To/Etc for every day living.



Our booth will be up an running by Saturday, November 4th.

6108 S College Ave # A, Fort Collins, CO 80525

Don't live in the area?  No worries, we've got you covered.  Our curated line of home decor will hit our online store in the next couple of months!



Beautiful flowers by  Hana Style Designs

Beautiful flowers by Hana Style Designs

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