52 reasons i love you


If you read the blog post from yesterday, you probably noticed the "love notes" on the table with breakfast.

Awhile back, I found the awesome gift idea of "52 Reasons I Love You" using playing cards.  I loved the idea but wanted to create something with hand-lettering and that could be used in our crazy card game of Nuts.  I found these blank white cards and tested a couple markers out.  They turned out imperfect but simply perfect.  Marcus was thrilled to get these and says he will hold them near always... when you hear someone tell you reasons why they love you (especially 52 reasons!), it's good for the soul!  And I tell you what.  Everyone should write out reasons why they love someone.  This was so good for me.  I have been doing a bible study, Without Rival by Lisa Bevere, and God has been working on my heart.  Hateful words cause decay and retard growth.  And yet love is stronger than hate and fear.  Love causes growth in every area of life.  Speaking words of truth in love builds the body.  Love seeks to remove fear... and in my case, control.  Let us love without fear and without control my friends.  Not carelessly but with letting go of control that people should act/react/be a certain way and letting go of any fear the devil grips us with.

Wow, that took a turn from what I had intended to write.  God's plan is always better than mine. 

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